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Naheed Hanif

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Experience & Expertise

2019 - 2020



PM/BA - Helping EMEA markets understand their database and the feasibility of potential sales and marketing ideas.

All about Data and Insights. Understanding the patients, their challenges and what they need most.
Using the Salesforce CRM, it was a case of identifying gaps, initiating campaigns and motivating the local markets to take part in campaigns to help their own regions in terms of the business. 
Ultimately, it is about growth through data and insights.

2014  - 2018


Johnson & Johnson

IT Digital Manager & Business Relationship Manager.
Working with stakeholders in numerous Business Units across EMEA and USA.

A pleasure to have had two roles at this fantastic organisation.
Based in VisionCare, I worked with ambitious Marketing and Business Management whilst managing offshore technical resources to meet business needs.
Amazing people and fantastic ideas in this place - with a massive "vision" for patients and Health Care providers.

2008 - 2014

Business Tendrils


Digital Projects Manager and Founder.
A Social Media Business serving clients in the Healthcare, Legal and Financial industries.

During a period that businesses still had to get their heads around Newspaper Advertising Vs Social Media - there was a lot to do!
Along the way, I am proud to say I became the first Social Media teacher at the University of Bath - and at that time, according to the University of Bath, possibly only one other University in the UK had similar courses.

2006 - 2008



Sales and Marketing Manager - serving the aerospace industry along with a few clients you would never have imagined.

Initially joined to manage technical projects... a few months in and it was the right time and right place for this role that was a very different and exciting world.

The challenge of selling with technical knowledge in the aerospace industry is one thing, but the diversity of our work was out of this world!  Selling solutions to track blood bags in hospitals, DVDs at Sony, fans at football clubs - who would have thought!

2005 - 2006

NHS & Quintiles Inc | Perot


Technical Project Manager

All in the name of The Spine project - designed to help local NHS hospitals share data.
Assessing hospital readiness for such a huge project, ironing out what is needed and what is not, serving many levels of stakeholders.

I gained some great insight into the challenges such institutions have which made this a ginormous project!

2000 - 2004


SITA (Air Telecom) - Paris, France

Project Manager

Bringing teams together whilst not speaking fluent French... although luckily, most spoke more English than I did French.
Well, I learnt French, and I learnt the French way. This is a nation of direct and very logical people.
Success in getting teams working together, understanding each other's challenges and then sadly leaving them because they finally got there and my task was complete.