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Fat Business or Fit Business?

I don’t know about you, but for me, fat seems to rule the world.  The world I live in.  It appears however, I am not alone.  Many people are affected by their weight – at work and in their personal lives – impacting their performance and their relationships with others.  Some people get comfortable with their body, others try.  Problem is, sometimes it works, all other times it results in more problems, all due to fat.

The Positive Use of FAT

It was some years ago that I discovered the huge number of things my fat levels affect, either

The Negative Impact FAT Has

Later, as I headed into my career, I also realised the negative impact fat was having on me, not anyone

Since then, over the years I have experienced becoming quite fit and healthy – and I did notice everything else about me change too.  Suddenly, I was born confident and had high self-esteem that some may say needed to be controlled.  When it came to debates, conversations with strangers or anything out of my normal comfort zone, finally I was the first to go for it.  I aimed high, AND I reached my goals, some of which were unthinkable.  I felt like I could achieve anything.

It was in later years, having gained a little weight that I noticed the old me creep back into my professional and personal life.  I noticed how others felt they could walk all over me – when actually; it was me giving off that vibe.  Step into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and literally a couple of months later the story is very different.

I tend to put on weight when my routine is disrupted, for example with a house move.  I have moved a lot so have dealt with the same problem several times.  Each time, I was realising something new in my behaviour that was not beneficial to me.

I think the first step for me was to understand how fat affects things and which things.  Then it was the “control” I felt I had whenever I felt comfortable in my body, a slimmer fitter body.  Since those realisations, I consciously kept the weight off with an enormous amount of exercise, because I didn’t like the alternative and I don’t like to diet.

To Workout or Not To Workout

My key was to record everything I do.  I had always made lots of notes of my distance, time, calories and continuously tried to do the same or more.  I couldn’t imagine life without exercise – however, exercise may not be for everyone – so I now know.

I had already been having trouble losing the fat even with my heavy duty workout regime, but somehow, turning 40 years old made things even harder.  I got fitter and fitter but achieved no fat loss.  I tripled my workouts running 60K a week – that doesn’t even include gym sessions, but still no fat and no centimetres lost.

Forget Diets, Find Something Better

I knew that my already generally healthy diet needed a rethink.  However, the thought of restricting myself in the food department really wasn’t appealing.  Still, I made the effort and started testing out the variety of high protein shakes, cereal bars and the like.  No success, nothing I came across was appealing enough to stick to.  Most of them, if not all had various side effects such as:

  1. Tiredness

  2. Insomnia

  3. Bad Breath

I notice how many people fail to lose weight for the very same reason.  There are too many “diet’s” out there.  Many that work only temporarily, others that don’t taste very nice making them difficult to stick to, and most that are simply very expensive.  Then there are the problems listed above.

By chance, I did finally come across one which worked and was easy to stick to – Body By Vi by ViSalus.  This experience allowed me to narrow down the (my) criteria that needs to be fulfilled in order to a) take it on and b) stick to it and make it work even after the program ends:

  1. Taste.

  2. Convenience.

  3. Cost effectiveness.

  4. Access to experts on the products (only when I have time – I can’t be going to pre-booked classes or group meetings, time is precious).

  5. Proof that it actually works!

  6. Allows me to treat myself, quite regularly.

  7. Doesn’t cause any of the problems listed above.

I feel that having a list like this makes the whole process easier in terms of selecting a way to change how you eat, what you eat and the resulting body fat level.  I am hoping that others that experience the same issues will find this useful.

Particularly when it comes to the way in which FAT attacks us.  More on this in The FAT Attack.

Unfortunately, there will always be someone who claims they are not bothered by getting fatter.  I can tell you from deep conversations I have had with this type of person, not always – but mostly it DOES bother them – they are just in denial and are not visionary enough to think of or imagine a better future.  That’s apart from simply being too lazy to deal with life.  Very few people genuinely enjoy growing rounder and rounder.

Entrepreneurial Fitness

Fat is like a virus, a soul destroying virus that will spread to affect many things that we deal with every single day.  Further, I find that if you stay fat enough for long enough, you yourself end up accepting it as part of you!  Yet this doesn’t take away the challenges listed in The FAT Attack post.  If it did, that might be something, but mostly it doesn’t.  People just start believing and accepting that they are “older”, “fatter” and no longer “hot” and never will be.  They lose the desire to be better.

It doesn’t help to have a number of people that promote uncomfortable weight gain as the norm.  I still hear people telling me “you don’t need to lose weight” or “it’s natural to gain weight as you get older”.  It does NOT mean accepting it as the norm.  Else some of us would grow and grow as we get older and then get the working community to pay for our home lifts to get upstairs!

I find that you need to have a technique.  Then, if your normal technique in dealing with this should fail, you need to seek another.  Better still, have a back up plan.

For me, I have my exercising technique, but it wasn’t until I found Body By Vi that I now have a back up plan also.  It is a new thing to learn that exercise is not always the answer as some simply cannot exercise and there are many reasons for this.

I am just glad that it didn’t take too long to discover my back up plan – else I may have lost hope and become one seriously round person accepting all kinds of defeats as the norm.

Do you have your own criteria or list of problems with fat?  I would love to hear about your techniques in dealing with the fat issue or any struggles you face with this.  There is a whole community of people out there with the similar issues and others that are very keen to help.

Please share!

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