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Is your business REALLY doing well enough?

The birth of “my own business”

For many people that know me, they know that I am not happy with just “good enough” when it comes to business.  I have always strived for more, in my career in the corporate world, in my own business and actually, in my personal life also.

HOWEVER, I must say, leaving a job upon the realisation it’s not going anywhere great from a point in time was difficult enough to deal with, but then to have to re-assess my own business…. Well that was even harder.

ACTUALLY, it was only as hard as it was because there was still hope, and there still is in a way….

I had even got some business advisors on the case – this was very helpful learning and helped

Fact is, it wasn’t going to work to the level I wanted it.  It has been a very long recession and businesses have been reluctant to put their money into something that is needed but they have survived without for so long.  Small companies invested in employing low paid staff (still at a loss compared to outsourcing) to carry out their social media activities – resulting in a further financial loss on that investment but still carrying on with hope.  Bigger companies hired well known digital agencies that had the capital from investors to grow their businesses or were PR agencies previously before the Social Media activity became a profession in itself.  Most freelancers in this field were offering services at a very low price, then either just about surviving, or borrowing to continue.  The story goes on.

Businesses are broke – and still plodding!

Over the past couple of years, I have come to realise that the situation really is what I thought

But, successful businesses are never driven only by emotion.  Don’t get me wrong, they need emotion, but they are not driven by it.  There needs to be a plan, one that works in terms of real business results.

Fact is, many businesses are broke, they remain broke and have lost the motivation to do anything about it.  The emotions are ruling their actions.  It was the same for me, the business is ok – but it’s not good enough.

It took a lot for me.  A lot of personal development, a lot of thinking time (well it helped I had an operation – for many months I had Time!), and a lot of networking whilst asking questions to find out what the real situation is and what I need to do.

Provoked by FAT.

It was lucky for me, that from late 2012 to mid 2013 I had the time to re-think my activities, business, and where I want to go.  As it happened, it was also

For me, weight gain simply ruins my life.  Being uncomfortably big makes me uncomfortable in every other way.  Even if business was flying, the fat would drag it down.  Little did I know this concern would lead me to the one area I had made so much effort to avoid: Network Marketing.

Now that I am in Network Marketing, not only am I still “having” to keep my Social Media activities and skills tops, but also have the job of getting fit whilst helping others do the same be it weight loss or weight gain.  The company I have joined is very hot on Social Media and train their promoters in using this tool to ensure their businesses work.  Their techniques definitely work and their sophistication makes me feel that I have met the Social Media King!

Clients for Business Tendrils (the Social Media Company) remain being served.  I still work hard for them and will continue to do so.  I set out wanting to make a difference to businesses and I still intend to.  The difference now is that I also do the same for individuals that want to start up their own businesses or simply get fit.  Naturally, Social Media training remains at the top of the list – as this is the main channel in which the health and fitness products are sold.  After all, people need proof!

The Value Add

This is the thing I love about this new area I am in – I am changing people’s lives.  Changing lives through business is possible but very unlikely if the client does not have the time to spend in understanding results.  Even when the profits are up or a client is gained, it is highly unlikely that it will be recognised as a result of Social Media.  Whereas, changing people’s lives because they either got healthier or they started earning income by getting involved as a promoter – this is a whole different world.

Individuals who were struggling or wanting a better life that then start earning and earning big because of You – that is the life I like.  That is the life that gives me those tingly feelings each and every day, makes me jump out of bed with crazy enthusiasm for the day and oh my goodness, gives me even more energy than before.

Ten Thousand Hours Later

In conclusion, it seems to me, five years ago, I thought I had found my passion – now I know, I only HALF found it; social media.  Over a year ago, I realised something has got to change.  Ten thousand hours of personal development later, I found the OTHER HALF of my passion: health and fitness.

So what would help initiate your journey to change things for the better?  Is it time to start your re-assessing your desired outcomes from business?  Or will your “hope” get in your way, for yet another year?

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