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Millionaire Mind Intensive

One of my Personal Development seminars in my 2012-2013 plan was the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) held in the Ibis, Earls Court. 

I had never heard of this event, nor T Harv Eker prior to receiving this ticket, although having looked into it, I realised it was mentioned in a brochure from the NAC.

Apparently, it is yet another life changing event, and although you have to put up with several hour long sales pitches, the content of the 3 day event is worth it.

I went along not knowing what to expect and had decided that I may end up leaving early, on the first day.

Day One

I casually walk in and sit towards the back, giving me plenty of escape room.

The presenter’s name was Marcus De Maria.  Typical I thought, a cloned version of T Harv Eker, the man that lost everything and then made it all again.  Now he is spending time teaching others how to do the same, through cloned versions of him.

By the end of the afternoon, as I thought the day is coming to a close, I realised that there is an evening session yet, after dinner.  I had started making my way home but still in two minds about whether to stay.

I called the one person I trust as I headed to the underground station.  I had said for many years how having lost everything and most of it to a family member, I was terrible at handling money.  I had even said many times how the next time I make it rich, I will be handing it over to this person to invest – he is superb at investing.

As he asked me about the day, I told him that I had made a decision.  The decision was that I would handle my own money, myself.  Nothing against him, but I will learn to handle it and I will do well.  He was over the moon!  He was surprised, impressed and pleased as he had heard the same plan over and over again and although frustrating, he never said anything.  He encouraged me to stay put and experience the rest of the event as it is “clearly very good for me”.  So I stayed.

Day Two

The day was long and this time included the pitches for their courses.

Marcus explained that they are on a tour of Europe, and the idea is to get people signed up on these courses before they being the following year. The plan was clear and they were very transparent about it.

The pitches were interesting, not only because we could watch an expert in action, but also because the specifics of each course where so well designed. I had seen nothing like it.

Of course the prices are not small for these courses, but the content and the promised outcome was perfect for the audience.

The audience was full of people that are either in a difficult situation or doing ok, but all of those that I met wanted more and

The evening session was intense, a lot of hypnosis and taking people back in time to understand the influencers of their current relationship with money.

One lady was saying how she didn’t believe she had any issues with her relationship with money, until today.  She now knew so much more and knew what to do.

She wasn’t alone, pretty much everyone there felt that way.

Day Three

The final day I wondered what else they could add to this already amazing event.

Of course, there were more pitches, and given the fabulous content they had presented, it was surprising to see people walking out – only to come back later.  I felt they were a little rude given that they were obviously benefiting from the event itself.

I have been to so many similar events, heard of so many courses and I didn’t expect anything amazing here.  Yet I would say that given the content, the strategies, the practical advice given, I felt the presenters deserved our full attention during their pitches.

Very cool!

Yes I was afraid, but I was more afraid of allowing that limiting belief to stay with me.

That is pretty much what it comes down to – exactly what are you afraid of the most?  Things staying as they are or not having tried to change things for the better?


For me, this event changed the way I think about money and the way in which I will handle money.  This event also taught me a lot about being grateful – not that I didn’t already know this, its just an angle that is way more consistent.  Finally, this event taught me the value of staying in touch with those I have known.  I have since worked hard at all three of these and yes, things have turned around, big time!

If you are a plodder and you “think” you are content with your life, you may want to try just one day as a taster.  I think that within a morning session you will know if it is for you or if you are too tamed to go for the rest of the event.

I am not in any way associated with T Harv Eker or his organisation.  Again, I feel perhaps I should be.  Either way, there is no benefit to me if you decide to attend or not.

However – if you do attend and you see the benefit AND make some positive changes as a result, I would LOVE to hear from you!  There is nothing better than hearing about such positive changes and especially from those of you that continuously work towards a better future.

Forever grateful to CJ for the ticket – CJ you have no idea what you did!!!!

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