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National Achievers Conference

I managed to get a VIP ticket to attend the NAC, especially to experience the opening by Tony Robbins with a view to possibly attending a future Tony Robbins event.

I had heard many times about how attending a Tony Robbins event has “changed the lives” of so many, but I wanted first hand experience and the opportunity to find proof.

The problem with looking for this type of evidence is that you need to be able to track previous attendees down and have the chance to have a detailed conversation.  I wanted to know how exactly a 3 or 4 day event could actually change anyone’s life.  I wanted to know why attendees could not deal with issues by themselves before the event, what exactly did the event provide them with that they didn’t have before?

With Social Media being so hot these days, you would expect

I used the event to ask around and found a quite a few people that had attended Tony’s seminars and they were happy to share the detail.  One of them said that he had attended lots of them, but should have attended in a different order because he was not ready and hence didn’t make the changes.  Others simply looked like they were glowing from the experience.  Many, too many had in fact found themselves to be more capable in dealing with their problems after the event.  All of them agreed it is a life changing experience.

That was it, good enough for me to go for it.  However, I never sign up at these events – which was lucky because I was gifted a Diamond ticket to the event!  Tickets are labelled according to the seating area, and I have to say it is worth trying to get as close to the front as possible.  After all, if you are going to do it, may as well get as much as possible from the experience!

At the NAC, I thought Tony Robbins would be opening the show with a one or two hour session.  To my delight, it went on for about six or seven hours.  It was fantastic.

It was even more interesting for me because I took someone with me that is a Career Coach (Steve Preston, The Career Catalyst) and very much a fan of Brian Tracy rather than Tony Robbins.  The two are VERY different in their style.  It was important to me to get Steve’s view on Tony Robbins as I was so sceptical in the first place.  I was somewhat concerned that with Steve being quite a reserved person, would the Tony Robbins session be a little to ra-ra for him…?  It seemed not as Steve had no hesitation in getting into the “grove” when it came to various activities we were given by Tony.

Steve’s view was pretty open as I guess he could see that if Tony Robbins style fits your personality anyway – it is a matter of “what works for you”.

Personally, I quite like the “ra-ra” aspect and feel the benefit of it – I know why they do this and I like it.  So, I guess it works for me.  That aside, when I did attend the event and show the pictures to my dear soul mate who got me the ticket in the first place, he described it as a “holiday camp atmosphere”.  Both of us agreed that is pretty special!


I went to this event to see Tony Robbins in action.  Thanks to Success Resources for the fabulous VIP tickets they gave me for this.

I had disclosed some of my reasons for considering this mentor (Tony) to Steve Preston on route to the NAC.  Steve felt that most of this was down to “Self Worth”, or the lack of.  At the event, having experienced the Tony Robbins session (even though we were both ill with the cold) Steve felt that Tony is geared toward dealing with the Self Worth issue – so that was good news.  It was worth a go.

I did encounter a bunch of super fans of Tony’s who pretty much appeared to worship him.  It seems to me that you will probably see this in any of these types of seminars by various famous people.  You don’t need to be one of them, but you will be a fan if you make it work for you.

Finally, the rest of the NAC was also very useful.  It was good to see various famous speakers and was organised well.  I also made some very special contacts at this event so if you are looking to network with other ambitious individuals – This event is highly recommended.

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