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Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler – Get The Life You Want – Review

Event attended in October 2012.  Next one is in May 2014

The Method: Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Having used Paul McKenna’s books and CDs to help me recover from a difficult time some years back, I decided to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) back in 2008.   I started with the 2 day Introduction and ended up going the whole way to Master Practitioner and then Train the Trainer.  The Train the Trainer course was the best course I have ever attended.

Along with my fellow NLP trainers and Master Practitioners, we teamed up to attend this event to see the masters of NLP (founder) at work.  HOWEVER, please note that this is not an NLP course – it is a seminar designed to improve your life.  The hypnosis sessions used are all for positive thinking.

My Goal

At the time of attending this event, I was working on learning how to “get the life I want” and to change things from what they are to what I desire.  It was all good

I was still suffering from insomnia and had hope that I will be able to use something from this event to rid me of this problem which just seemed to be getting in the way.

I could only hope that this event would at least help me identify and remove obstacles that were getting in my way.  What I got was a lot more:  in two long(ish) days, I was reminded of the various NLP techniques to use in order to “gain the life I want”.

The Event

I was super excited.  I couldn’t wait.

Upon the start of the event, Paul McKenna comes out and doesn’t disappoint us in his showbiz like skills.  Entertaining, funny and interacting with the audience, Paul was very much like what we see of him on TV.  Some of the team started wondering… is Paul McKenna just all showbiz?

About 10-15 minutes in, everything changes.  Paul is now helping people, bringing them on stage, hypnotising within seconds, changing the way people feel about themselves and taking his time with it.  I know I was blown away.  It was impressive.

Over lunch, we contemplated how anyone can become that skillful in the field of NLP and just what it takes.  All the while, thinking Paul is “top”.

After lunch, along comes Richard – A small round man with a big personality.  Well, if you thought Paul was “top”, Richard was just about to crush that thought – this man was of another league, one that I didn’t think existed.

Richard and Paul spent the rest of the weekend treating people that were willing to be treated in public.  They helped the entire audience do the same for

They also gave attendees a goody bag full of CD sets from both Paul and Richard.  I still use these CDs now – and this was written at Christmas 2013.

Finally, they did not do any serious sales pitches, just funny anecdotes about their goodies on sale at the side of the hall.  All in good taste.


Having paid a negotiated price for the original NLP courses I have done, I believe that this two day event at the price it is offered is simply fantastic.  Nothing good is cheap, but this is both; fantastic in content and also a great offer for early birds which is usually 50% of the real price.

Really, people wonder if the £220 pounds is worth it – yet the price is actually double this if you miss the offer!  If it were an NLP course, at that price you would only gain a tiny fraction of NLP knowledge that you can use to make serious changes in life – and in fact it probably wouldn’t work.  This is because tiny amounts of information result in very tiny actions.  So in that respect, the price is not the question.

As you may hear from others, if you think you cannot afford to attend this event – that is the very reason you must find a way to attend.

NOTE:  Although my perspective is very much about the NLP way of things – this event does not actually quote NLP as much.  They use normal English language so that everyone understands what they are doing and talking about.

Recommended Reading and Listening

The result:  my insomnia has gone away; I feel that my ability to spot opportunities has been sharpened as I have spent the year taking risks and working only at specific goals that somehow, I found the “how” for over the course of the next 6 months.

If you go, go with an open mind, and perhaps some specifics that you would like to see change.  Don’t worry about the “how” in achieving you goals.

Everyone benefits, just in different ways.

Today, I am running another business alongside my existing one and am fully enjoying it – it definitely doesn’t feel like work.  I have more energy than I have had in a very long time.  I know exactly how to identify negative “obstacles” coming my way and to remove them before they have the chance to affect anything.

I am also much fitter and healthier than I was before I went in for my operation just after this seminar and although not exercising the way I normally do, I am actually in better shape.

Insomnia has now totally gone away and I am no longer using any CDs to help – and yet I wake up with utter enthusiasm every single morning.  I no longer waste even a minute feeling “bad” or down about anything.  I address it and move on.

I cannot say that my great state today is all down to this one seminar, but it was a major part of my personal development journey from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013.  Other events such as the NACMillionaire Mind Intensive and the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within also had a major part to play.  BUT, given the amount and type of struggles I was dealing with – it was bound to take a lot of time and money to get things to shift.

The biggest part of the formula was Deciding I Will Change Things – one way or the other as noted in this post:  The 2013 Plan In Action.

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