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Ten Things I Have Beaten

Coming from my background of a strict Pakistani Muslim household, as the only girl with three brothers, I had to put up with a lot of trouble and restrictions.  Today, I am proud to say, here are just ten things I have beaten:

1)  Abuse – of various kinds.  Not only did I get away from it, but hey, I put a stop to it, no help, just me.

2) Arranged Marriage – totally escaped this whilst other girls were having to marry & divorce to get their freedom, I just didn’t do it.

3) An Honour Killing – sad but true that I had to beat them to the race in order to escape…yet alive!  Guess it wasn’t my time, so I’ll die another day!

4) Limited Education: Not Allowed to Read – that’s right, not papers, not books, nothing.  Here I am today, an author!

5)  Not Allowed to Speak – yet here I am speaking to the world and on behalf of others too.  Today I am doing exactly this as a profession running a social media company!

6) Wealth and Dependence – brought up to rely on “brothers” and “father” hence it was apparently not my business to worry about a career – yet I rocked it and did manage to earn more than the bros and that was 20 odd years ago!

7)  Friends Not Allowed – That didn’t stop me, I had them all over the world and that was before the internet.  The internet did take it up a notch!

8)  Not Allowed Out – Well fine, I shall move out and to another country – and I did.  Paris is now my second home! ha!

9)  Rebelliousness – not proud of this, but it has to be said, the first in the family to go down the road to alcohol and ended up introducing it to brothers.  For them however, it took years to control the consumption of this forbidden fruit – still not sure they managed!

10)  Happiness Defined By Whatever Makes The Parents & Brothers Happy – well, broke or not, married or not, settled or not, I am the only one out of us that is Happy!  Yet the rest of my sibs, no matter what, are still unhappy!  It does however take distancing myself from them to achieve this!

… and I live to tell the tale

The list could go on, but this is supposed to be a brief introduction and just ten points in no particular order.  More to come!


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