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The 2013 Plan in Action

As mentioned in the post about my goals for 2013, here is a summary of them as listed in December 2012:

1)      Letting go of dead wood

2)      Be comfortable being you

3)      Deal with the lack of self-belief

4)      Business & Income

5)      Health & fitness

6)      Healthy & positive surroundings

The Action:

Business & Income

A gift arrived early in the year, a ticket to the Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) event.  I am forever grateful to CJ Sohal for this.

This event taught me a lot about my relationship with money, why I have made it big and then lost it all and also gave me a specific technique to handle it in the future.  I still had no way of knowing how to deal with the loss, but now I knew why it happened in the first place.  I had learnt about my weaknesses and exactly what to do about them.

MMI also highlighted a business opportunity to me that I had no clue was actually heading my way in the months to come.  This business opportunity, regardless of my own business was going to change my life – but I had no idea at the time.

Health and Fitness

I have managed to get back in shape and this is whilst I have been off exercise.  Having relied on exercise for fitness up till this year, I am amazed to find something that works, is tasty and easy to stick to. Most importantly, I am out of the size 14 and into size 8 within months.

Letting Go of Dead Wood:  Recovering from a £170K betrayal by family

The event of the year came.  The fire walk complete and I was blown away by not only Tony’s own story of loss and recovery but also the stories of other people I met there.  It felt the perfect place to do real research and gain real feed back from people.

This is the event and Tony is the man that helped me in finding out exactly how to deal with a £170K betrayal by a close family member.  Having made a lot of money many years ago, this problem had held me back from doing it again.  My confidence and self esteem had been damaged, all because I had a feeling I was being fooled.  Since then, I have had the closure I needed and moved on to start making big money once again.

Be Comfortable, Be You

Having been told about Toastmasters, an organisation helping people with

The Icebreaker speech preparation and delivery opened up a whole different world.  An authentic world in which I could publicly speak about the things I had avoided over the last couple of decades.  The things I incorrectly assumed would be damaging to my reputation.

Toastmasters is the perfect place to get to know how you are perceived, how you perceive yourself and the qualities that help you be comfortable with you.

My journey to open up started with The Reveal – the Icebreaker story – the first personal story I told in public.


Having removed some family members from the equation, things changed rapidly.  Mind-set, emotion and drive were beginning to shift and align with the driven person that I longed to be.

Self Belief

The self-belief issue had somewhat changed during the course of 2013, but the final trigger came when I least expected it.

Having casually got involved in promoting the Body By Vi (ViSalus) weight loss products, I had gained some customers during the first month or so.

Since then, I have been on a rollercoaster and not looked back!


A little over twelve months ago, I attended a seminar called “Get The Life You Want”.  Seems to me, within 12 months of this seminar, I got just that with the potential for so much more.

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