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The 3 types of people – which one are you?

In my search for ambitious people, I have found a divide in the types of people I come across and wonder how many of them realise which one of the 3 “types” they are.

My line of work means I am actively looking for people that want to take a look at a business opportunity I am involved in which has the potential to bring in a high income.

The thing is, it does require a commitment and it almost doesn’t seem to matter how small that commitment is – people see it as a risk and are simply very scared. 

This begs the question, is there a great opportunity out there without a risk?

I wonder how one can have the potential for high earnings without any risk.  Have you ever known

The 3 Types of People

In my search, I have found that there are 3 types of people – this is what I came across:

1)      Those that have never had anything, never enough money, prospects or anything that they rate.  These people do not yet know what success feels like.

2)      Those that have had a good deal of success in the past but made a mistake and lost it all – these people are starting again.

3)      Ambitious people that may have (1) or (2) in the background – but behave as though it is either irrelevant or that it is what drives them.

Those in camp (1) tend to say they are looking around for something but haven’t come across anything that has turned them on yet.  It is possible that this camp has difficulty in spotting opportunities.  It’s already taken a long time as many of them complain about being in their 40’s, yet they are still looking and most likely will be for some time to come.

Upon further “investigation” it appears that although much of their situation may be down to lack of self-belief, a need for personal development, and most importantly an open mind – they usually do not think so.  They tend to feel they know enough to make a judgement call, yet nothing ever changes and often, many of them will complain about this.

My conclusion of camp (1) is that these people either hope to come across a get rich quick scheme that works or they expect an opportunity with zero risk and a lot of support.  Neither actually exists.

Upon introducing any opportunity, these people tend to find an excuse such as: they will do X only if and when Y produces – when really, it’s just another reason not to move forward.

Those in camp (2) show a major difference in that they have previously tasted “success” (of course, this is subjective and different for all individuals).

At some point these people have taken risks and are aware of the amazing potential as well as the downside of taking risks.

The problem in camp (2) is that some of these people become risk averse as a result of losing things in the past.  This is whilst others use their loss to fuel their fire for a major come back.

So, even in this camp I find the need to filter through to find those that are living in the now and for the future and not living in the past.

The most amazing behavioural characteristic is that most people are looking for something great – that has zero ties, zero investment and is easy.  If it requires just £40 or £340 either way, it is too much or too little to investigate. Some people must truly think good things come free!

The simple fact is, they are truly ambitious and have a desperate WHY for making change happen and they don’t stop, even when it happens!

If you know of an opportunity that truly has no risk, investment, or commitment yet provides the return of a 6 or 7 figure income, feel free to mention it.  I will not be surprised to hear of scams.

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