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This time, Last Year…

Same Time – Same Place – Another New Year.

Same time, each year, like many others, I think about what I have been doing and what I could do better the coming new year.

Not in a long time have I thought Oh My God that was amazing, what on earth is going to happen next year?  Never have I thought I am truly satisfied with how the last year has gone and excited about where its taking me – until this year.

This time last year, I was sat on the couch, with a whole lot of Personal Development under my belt, I knew, I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  If anything, the personal development I had done had only made me more aware of how far I am from my goals.

Business was still doing ok, hip operation had gone well, I was pretty much ok in most departments, except I was not at all satisfied with anything.

Much of how you feel depends on what your goals are and the standards you set yourself.

If you are not happy, it is most likely just because your goals are that much bigger. 

Someone close to me at the time seemed to appear kind of content and the same each year.  But he did not expect anything of anyone, including himself.  He was happy plodding along.  He may not even have seen any reason for me to be feeling a little deflated, but that is a reflection of his goals.

I decided I was not going to say anything positive about the coming year as I had said it for several years and the progress in any area had not been substantial enough to reflect any of my plans.  Perhaps I was still “personally developing”!

Actually, I think I knew I was still “personally developing”.  I knew there was still a long time to go before I could get back into working out – so I knew I was going to get even fatter still.  I knew I had yet to attend the big Tony Robbins seminar coming up in May, so many things were going to change…in 5 months’ time.  I also knew, business needed a new angle, as it did every 5-6 months.  Only this time I am not sure which angle.

So I got my focus on.  Big pen out, life planning in action.  The seasonal holidays completely booked up – in my office and in the making of my new Grand Plan.

The Plan:

1)      [Letting Go of Dead Wood] I was going to put to bed something that had now been bugging me for at least a year.  This

2)      [Be Comfortable Being You] My line of work demands that I am transparent and authentic – yet I had been told by a trusted resource that I tend to keep contacts at an arm’s length.  Fear of being let down was keeping me from being Me and keeping me from taking the risks business requires.  I needed to let loose, but how? This needed to be figured out and actioned.

3)      [Deal with the lack of Self-Belief].  I had known this was an issue for a long time, I just didn’t know how to deal with it.  Even with my NLP studies, I hadn’t quite got to the bottom of this.  It needed to be nipped in the bud.  Else it was a fair conclusion that no business of mine was about to fly and I would forever be living a life that I don’t want.

4)      [Business & Income] Business was not working well enough and with several different changes and angles, in a good few years, it still had not grown to create jobs.  I must be doing something wrong, what is it and how can I fix it? I am a true believer in changing things around if they are not working to my expectations, but I was beginning to question my expectations instead.  It was a trap that I needed to get out from, one way or another.

5)      [Health & Fitness] Get fit again – although a long way off from fat burning exercises due to an operation, I would continue to investigate diets to see which I could stick to.  So far, they all tasted rubbish and made you feel like you are starving.  Persistence is the key.

6)      [Positive Surroundings]  We hear about the importance of positive surroundings but in my case, I did not have control over this and was now being dragged down further.  I was not sure who I could talk to, who I could trust, and also, sensed that some people were simply too different and too negative for my energy.  I needed to take control of this and change my surroundings and the people I mix with.

The plan was complete, next was the action.

Checkout the Actions I took to achieve the above here!

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