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Your Professional Background No Longer Counts. Results Do.

As I learn more about the Network Marketing world – given it is now paying to do so, I learn more about the people that are making decent money and those that are making the big money.  During this process, I have also learnt how people from established and traditional backgrounds are also joining in.  Some have left what is normally perceived as a high income, certainly a secure career to become Promoters of ViSalus and haven’t looked back since.

The Goal of a Promoter or Distributor in Network Marketing

For those of you that do not know: “Promoters” are those that have enrolled with the company to sell ViSalus products for a commission.  In other Network Marketing companies, Promoters are sometimes called Distributors.

My journey in the Network Marketing field of ViSalus (a company that provides weight management nutritional products) has allowed me to meet people from all

Whatever the goal, a promoter makes his or her earning from helping others a) improve their health and fitness using the right ViSalus product, and b) helping other promoters in their team to do the same and earn more as well.

Employee or a Business Owner?

During a company event, it seemed to me that “Promoters” or “Distributors” within the Network Marketing industry are very much in a position of employment, yet still independently running their own businesses.  By this, I mean that a Promoter or Distributor is being led by a corporate that is a people business; hence it is in its interests to look after its own people.  Promoters must learn and follow the company procedures whilst attending events as scheduled.  All the while, the promoters have the freedom to work how they want, when they want, as much or as little as they want, and gain the returns accordingly – as an independent business.

The difference is that the whole system is fairer than any form of employment I have ever come across.  People get paid what they earn.  It’s as simple as that.  Whereas, in employment, politics is key and the people at the top (or above you) will always be paid more, regardless of how little they may actually do.  Funny how many employees don’t take to the Network Marketing arena simply because they don’t like a Promoter earning for recruiting them.  Yet they will happily plod along being paid less for more work, whilst under instruction as to how much and when they will work.  Very odd but it is true!

It occurs to me, when I come across an employee that states such things, that really, the idea of being paid what you earn might scare those that don’t like to work hard.  It may frighten especially those that need continuous direction.  Traditionally, to run your own business, of course, you have to create your own direction and manage your own motivation.  However, in the Network Marketing world, the company acts as your motivation through events and regular frequent calls.  So you can run your own business, but with the guidance you may need.  That might not be enough to motivate the plodder though.

Your Professional Background means NOTHING

I feel the model is pretty fantastic.  I love the fact that these Promoters are still completely independent businesses and that their income is a direct result of how much work they put in.  To add to this, Promoters that are doing particularly well are those that are genuinely positively impacting the lives of others.  Be it in the form of financial independence, or simply better health and fitness – or both!

The event was pretty special in that they demonstrated just how many people are earning the larger amounts, starting with $100K, $1 million, $2 million, $4 million all

It got even more interesting when we learnt more about each one, starting with what their limiting belief was prior to this success.  Many of them disclosed what they used to do for a living, if anything.  This is where I was simply consumed.  There were people that I would never have imagined that could make such a big change in their lives, there were others that were super qualified for their traditional careers such as Accountants, Solicitors, Consultants and board level Executives – all earning a million plus with ViSalus.

The thing to note here is their backgrounds – especially if they had specialised in something or worked hard to get to executive or board level of some company.  Imagine – they dropped what they had worked hard to do and hit a much higher financial success level all because of network marketing!

This just proves that if you have worked hard already and NOT made your million, there IS a career where your background may become irrelevant, but your potential is even higher.  A tough decision for those attached to what they have already worked towards, but not so tough for those that want the better version of themselves.


NOW, the word muppet means something else completely to me.  Now I know – even muppets can change the world and change their situation to one that I aim for.  Given that I have never thought of myself as a muppet, naturally I feel that if “they” can do it, “anyone” can.  That happens to include me.

How to join the fun:

To become a promoter, you would enrol with the company for a cost of about £400 which provides you with products higher than this value – so it is made pretty easy and is a very affordable way to start a business.

For more details, go ahead and contact me by emailing:  Naheed@thebodychallengeuk.com, Tel or Text:  07980 288268.

Alternatively, you can visit: http://www.TheBodyChallengeUK.com

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