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ZERO New Year Resolutions – Only Goals for 2017

No need for New Year Resolutions – 2016 has delivered a lot and the plans for 2017 Goals are clear!

I know many that would like to say good riddance to the year due to the number of sad and bad things that have happened.  Normally, I would have been saying the same.

Reality is that the date change is not going to reset things; anything can happen at any time.  The year switching from 2016 to 2017 doesn’t actually change anything but the date.

For me, the first thing I think of is that I have seen worse years, perhaps on a more personal level but the resulting feeling was a lot worse.

This year, as much as the news has delivered one sad story after the next throughout, I have learnt I could no longer say “good riddance” to any year because each year also delivers a lot of good stuff.

I would like to trigger the greater things this year may have delivered for many of us by telling you about the good stuff I saw in 2016:

  1. I have achieved a personal goal that seemed impracticable for many years. It was one of those that looked real for a time, and then faded away on so many occasions that I began thinking I may have just made up the idea in my head in the first place.

  2. I have learnt to let go of bizarre negative people, whether their negativity is intentional or not. Some are not worth the effort of reasoning when they themselves don’t have an understanding of reason.

  3. I have gained a whole new family as my own all through helping me when I least expected it. Without the detail, I never imagined an entire family, based in another country could do for me what these people have done.  I have gained something special.

  4. I have learnt that it actually takes me a lot shorter time than ever before to adjust to new situations and begin investigating the potentials in a positive light. e. situations like Brexit and Trump.  I believe I can put this down to my NLP training.

  5. I have passed all exams I intended to sit.

  6. I have learnt how to make more time!!! This is a big one needing a post about this alone.  Here is a piece that explains it – although only partly:  iYoga

What surprised me most?

It was item (3 – My New Family).  It is the most amazing feeling that I am sure will stir up positive emotions in me forever – all because a team of people came to my aid when I needed it most, expected it the least.

People really can amaze you!

Thanks to Lidwine, Samantha, Violaine and Sir Okora.

What was the most challenging?

I think that item 2 – Letting go of negative people was the hardest as it is never a nice thing to do.  But due to the major events this year, the opportunity for such situations became very frequent.

I think learning that people have stuff going on in their heads to such a degree that not a thought has been given to another in need is a difficult thing to get my head round.  But in trying to do so (get my head round it that is), the negative emotions are given room in your head.  This is key.

It is better and actually easier (in the end) to just walk away politely or sometimes maybe not so politely.  Some people need to hear things as they are, whilst some … well there might not be any point.

This point is also surprising, although maybe not the most surprising.

Human behaviour can be so odd.  I have learnt that some people can be very contradictory in their mere existence.  Take a professional networker who gets nervous about meeting new people.  Take a business owner who is afraid of leading.  Another example is someone who cares for you dearly but then insists on putting their needs first and at the cost of yours.  It doesn’t make sense and is highly contradicting.

In fact, a better description may be where a person tells a friend they are getting married to the love of their life, only to have some detail picked on and told what they have is not “unconditional love”!  Imagine that from someone who has never even experienced unconditional love!  Lol!

It is that bizarre!  But hey, it’s a lesson about the weird world of humans and how you need to select your crowd.

What pleased me most?

Item 1 – Achieving a long term dream is one that I cannot ignore.  It is a major turning point in life.  One day, I will go into detail, it’s not for today.

Item 3 – Gaining anyone, even a single person as a support when you least expect it can blow you away.  But as mentioned earlier, I gained an entire family; My very own Crew.

As for number 6 – just one of those things I always wondered about but never really thought was possible.  The number of things I have done as a result of this is (even to my standards) phenomenal.

And Finally:

As I have not kept up my KPI’s and progress measures blogged up for some time, this is most certainly the next goal.

The rest, and plans for 2017 will have to go into another post as it is time to get ready to party!

In the meantime: Wishing you a Fantastic New Year!

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